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Adidas has just unveiled its first ever fully recyclable sneakers.

Called Loop, the new release is part of the brand’s commitment to “end the problem of waste” through tackling the “make-use-waste” system. It is the result of a six-year passion project by Adidas’ think tank, Futurecraft.

The shoe’s entirety—from the mold to the yarn—is made of highly versatile and reusable thermoplastic polyurethane. It also has no trace of glue, making recycling processes easier.

The Loop comes to life inside the Adidas Speedfactory, which is a fully-automated facility that serves to reduce production hours and waste.

How is the shoe sustainable then, you ask? “You buy them, you wear them, and when you’re done, you give it back to us,” Adidas explains in an Instagram story. “We remake them.” This means that the same shoe can be refurbished over and over again.

The trainers will be washed, ground to pellets, and melted into material for components of a new pair of shoes. This process eliminates waste that usually goes to landfills and oceans.

This is not the first time Adidas rolled out its efforts towards sustainability. In 2015, the brand has already introduced its first performance footwear with an upper made entirely of yarns and filaments from marine plastic waste and illegal deep-sea gill-nets. It is also producing 11 million pairs of shoes this year using plastic waste from beaches, remote islands, and coastal communities.

The Loop is set for a limited release of 200 pairs this year for feedback-gathering and possible improvements before its official mass availability in 2021.

What are your thoughts on this shoe?


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