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After a series of controversies, the management of Xander Ford, Marlou Arizala in real life, has decided to strip him of his professional name. 

On their official Facebook page, the Star Image Artist Management announced their search for the next “much-deserving” Xander Ford. According to them, their gamble to help the latter is a “successful failure.”

The management also shared the story behind their working history with Arizala and explained the reasons behind their statement. 

“The story started when Marlou Arizala came to Star Image office and asked for help to revive his dying career. The management saw the potential and was convinced with his sincerity, so he was signed a management contract,” Star Image wrote. 

However, after the transformation, Arizala started to show his bad behaviour and attitude. “The transformation became a worldwide phenomenon. But unfortunately, Marlou slowly been consumed by his temporary fame and the attitude towards work and colleagues became worse.”

The controversies

Star Images even enumerated the controversies Arizala was involved in and confirmed that he indeed poked “fun out of Kathryn Bernardo,” and went missing to “hide from his management.” 

“This is true. He went missing and deliberately hide from his management due to advices from his friends, peer Pressure and allegedly under influence of Marijuana and alcohol (according to a reliable source). The management needed to control the damage. There are confirmed out-of-town events cancelled and clients were upset.” 

With all of these, the 21-year-old Arizala Marlou Arizala “was given the highest disciplinary action which is “INDEFINITE SUSPENSION” due to a breach of contract, violating the signed Memorandum of Agreement under Section 3 (Confidentiality and Non-disclosure), Section 4 (Exclusivity) and Section 5 (Performance and Attitude).” 

He is not also allowed to “participate in any events or engagements” without his management’s approval. “This is also to give him a lesson. But Marlou is a hopeless case. He can’t follow even a simple direction. Such a stubborn unprofessional individual.”

Stripped of Xander Ford moniker

On Monday, April 22, Star Image has decided to strip Arizala of his Xander Ford moniker. “STAR IMAGE Artist Management has decided to get back the name XANDER FORD from Marlou Arizala and to give to the Rightful Person bearing the good qualities that we are looking for an upcoming Idol and to become a good role model to all,” they announced. 

It can be recalled that in October 2017, Xander Ford was introduced to the public after Arizala underwent cosmetic surgery to improve his physical features. 

Arizala remains under the contract of his management, hence, “all unauthorized bookings and engagements made without the management consent or approval will be recorded as illegitimate and will be used to file a legal case against parties involved.” 


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