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The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has declared Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace, Our Lady of EDSA (popularly known as EDSA shrine) as an important cultural property.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

“The church is uniquely designed in terms of function and form which can be easily be distinguished as NA Mañosa’s work. It represents a modern take on Filipino architecture and adaptation of tropical architecture,” the declaration reads.

Under the Republic Act 10066, all cultural properties declared as national cultural treasures and national historical landmarks  may also receive government funding for its protection, conservation, and restoration. An official heritage marker will be also placed indicating that the immovable cultural property has been identified as national cultural treasure.

Designed by Francisco Mañosa, the EDSA Shrine was meant to commemorate the 1986 People Power Revolution. The commission described Mañosa as “one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century for pioneering Filipino architecture.” He was named as National Artist in October 2018 and passed away last February.

Aside from the shrine, Mañosa’s other famous projects are the Coconut Palace in Manila, Amanpulo resort in Palawan, San Miguel Corporation headquarters in Ortigas, La Mesa Watershed Resort and Ecological Park in Quezon City, and the Chapel of the Risen Lord in Las Piñas City.


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