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A Filipina artist’s post calling out a popular UK brand for alleged plagiarism has gone viral on social media.

In a Facebook post, artist named Feanne Mauricio said that her artworks were printed without license on dresses and skirts by the fashion label Rixo.

“UK fashion brand Rixo, which claims that all their prints are original handpainted designs by their founders, have prints (“Moonlit Sky” and “Oriental Sky”) that look identical to my artwork,” she said. “They sold clothing with these prints on retailers like Net-A-Porter, and got featured by publications like Who What Wear. When my lawyer contacted Rixo about this, Rixo’s lawyer responded by claiming that they independently created the artwork, and accusing me of just trying to piggyback on their fame.”

Screenshot from @rixo

She shared that “someone spotted my artwork printed on Rixo clothing” and asked her about it in December 2018.

“Rixo did not contact me for a collaboration or commission. I have no records of licensing obtained by them. My lawyer wrote to them on December 23 [2018] to ask if they have a license for my work,” she added.

According to Feanne, she first published her artwork called “Star, Moon, Cloud, Sky Drawings” in October 2014 on a licensing platform. She also have the original drawings on paper and the original scanned file dated October 2014.

“The linework is consistent with my illustration style. As an artist specializing in illustration, I have been publishing and exhibiting my work since 2006. I have been licensing out artwork since 2014, and creating my own fabric prints since 2015,” Feanne added.

Lawyers of the said UK brand responded to Feanne’s lawyer on January 11, 2019, saying that the Rixo’s founders Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey hand-painted the designs in January 2016.

“Our client independently designed and created the Moonlit Sky, Cream Oriental Sky and Green Oriental Sky prints (“RIXO Prints”) in January 2016. The were designed and sketched by hand by Henrietta and Orlagh. In any event (but irrelevant in the circumstances), the RIXO Prints are not substantially similar to the Star, Moon, Cloud, Sky Drawings,” they said.

Rixo launched the Moonlit Sky in November 2016 as part of their online exclusive print that is limited with only 45 of each style made.

The Filipina artist said that she finds “it hard to believe that these were independently created, as even the asymmetry and irregularities in the lines are identical.” Feanne will continue to demand RIXO for a “public apology, attribution, and financial compensation.”

As of writing, Rixo has not formally released any official statement about the issue.


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