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Gone are the days when the ladies have to wait for the gentlemen to make the move—even online.

A new app called Bumble is letting women take the lead.

A woman-first social and dating platform, Bumble “empowers women to go after what they want in life.”

Potential connections through the app are in three modes: Bumble Date for dating, Bumble BFF for friend-finding, and Bumble Bizz for business networking. It is the first matchmaking app to bring the three together into one social networking platform.

Upon download, the app will let you choose who to find first. Is it a date? New friends, perhaps? Career-building connections?

If you choose Bumble Date, you’ll need to identify if you’re interested in men, women, or everyone. Soon after that, profiles of preferred gender of users will appear on your screen. You can swipe up if interested and swipe left if not. Should you want to change preferences, you can always change it in the settings.

In Bumble BFF, you can find your girl gang who share the same interests as you do. Just like in Bumble Date, you can swipe up if interested and swipe left if not.

If furthering your career is what you’re looking for, Bumble Bizz is where you can find connections, mentors, and new opportunities. The person’s profile will show their name, current and previous affiliations, and work experiences. As per usual, swipe up if interested and swipe left if not.

For both heterosexual and same-sex connections, women users can make the first move within 24 hours, while the other individual also has 24 hours to respond. Otherwise, the connection expires. Men can’t send the messages even if they want to. Ladies can choose to delete connections, too, if they feel like doing so.

If you happen to be single, you can always turn on the snooze mode on Bumble Date and switch to others.

Would you make the first move?

Bumble is now available for download on iOS and Android. For more information, visit them on Instagram. 


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