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It’s been almost four years since we first heard Reese Lansangan’s debut album entitled ‘Arigato, Internet!’.  Since then, she’s been known for her compelling songs about love and life in general. Her songs are so relatable that’s why it’s no surprise that she’s one of the most successful musicians in the local music industry today.


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During the SM Woman Fashion Meet Up event on March 20 at SM Megamall, Reese said that she’s really grateful that women like her continue to gain recognition in the music industry.

“It’s very cool kasi when I started, I think until now, [the industry] is still kind of male dominated, but slowly a lot more women are owning the space,” she said.

For her, women process emotions differently that’s why we need to have someone in the industry that we can relate with.

“I think there’s value from the stories of females kasi it’s very different, we feel differently. We process emotions differently and there needs to be voices heard from the pop music scene or rock music scene na galing sa babae. Kasi the male perspective is so different and they also tell stories differently. I’m so happy because we need more women to share our side. Women and girls who are listening can have somebody directly to identify with,” Reese added.

When asked about her tips or advice to aspiring young artists, she shared: “Now, more so than ever, there are a lot of role models and a lot of female artists that they could listen to. Hopefully they could get inspired by the paths that we have taken. We all go through our careers differently so hopefully they got encouraged to try it out and to see that we are supporting one another as women and that’s a great place to be. They can show their talents more and get themselves out there.”

The 28-year-old singer also encourages all the women who are struggling to express themselves to start with small steps, practice, and to get feedback.

“I think maybe, start with small steps. If they have Instagram, they can start sharing their stories or their art or their creative self expression. Kahit in a small community, like a private one, it doesn’t have to be a big thing,”she started. “What’s important is the practice of doing something then sharing it and getting feedback from people you trust. After that, you can think about growing that audience of you sharing things with. Ayun lang, start small, you don’t have to aim to be big all the time. The important thing is you are able to let it out and somebody else is benefiting from your own creative energies.”

On her new song 

Aside from being part of the SM Woman family, Reese also launched a fun video for her new single called “The Chase.” The music video produced by the singer herself and her friend GeloYellow or Gerard Lopez, it featured Reese sporting athletic running gear, sparkly eyeshadow, and a cute headband in a track field all by herself.

According to her, the song is about her own experience in handling relationships and making the wrong decision when it comes to choosing a partner.

“I think it’s a compilation of everything that I’ve felt and experience in terms of handling relationships or having a significant other and just always making wrong decisions when it comes to choosing a partner. Ayun, always being attracted to danger. You choose to experiment, go through something that looks unsafe. Pero alam mo ‘yun, it’s all for experience naman. As long as you’re not harmed or anything, it’s just learning,” she said.

She also revealed that she’s not the athletic type, but she wanted something different for the music video. “It’s called “The Chase” so I wanted something na literally running. So I thought it would be fun because I never run and I’m not athletic. If you watch the entire video, at the end of it may reveal na parang tinutulak lang ako ng managers. Parang medyo comic siya ng kaunti. I don’t really match it with the message of the song. I was just chasing, I was jut running, pero ambiguous ‘yung pagtakbo, parang ganun.”

What to expect from Reese this year

If you watch the MV for “The Chase,” you’ll notice that there’s an “easter egg” at the last part of the video. In the 30-second mark, Reese was seen crossing out days in a whiteboard. The line “I’m not the kind of girl who cries for a long time” was also written in all capital letters. At the post-credit scene, Reese was listening to a song with the lyrics same as the line written in the board.

“A lot of new tracks are coming this year and the goal is the second album towards the end of the year. But a lot of new tracks definitely. I do have some collaborations lined up, but depende kung ano ang mauuna. I currently have four in the works, pero they’re still pending as of now. Focus ko muna is to release my own solo stuff and then the collabs,” she shared.

Watch the music video for “The Chase” here:

Featured image from @reeseypeasy


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