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Aries season marks the start of a new zodiac calendar – a new beginning, change and a whole new focus in life. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, they are all about good energy, power and intensity. As a fire sign, they are known to be intrepid and have the swagger to get what they want. So get ready, life will be like a racetrack from here on now. You will be expected to focus on the goal and head on to finish this race in your best attitude possible. Aries season will also make an impact on all other signs differently.

Aries this is the time that you need to replenish your energy. Take some time off away from work, enjoy the sun because it is loving you so much right now. Spontaneity is the key, but make sure that you are not making decisions based on anger, aggression or competition. That is the same for making decisions in your relationships.

Taurus, this season requires you to take care of yourself. You are expected to put yourself first because you know you have been ignoring you for a very long time. You are in much need of that TLC from yourself. If you’re looking for love, don’t expect it to come in the most classic of ways. All you have to do is clear your headspace and fill it with optimism, open your doorways to something spontaneous, unexpected and adventurous.

Gemini, it may seem like an endless obstacle this season, but you have to play the role you do best in order to survive – be the social butterfly. Use your charms. Enjoy the presence of friends. They are here to provide you support, you will need it.

It’s not the trait of being domesticated that will make your life easier this time, Cancer. You need to be working on your business or taking on that new project or perhaps embrace your professional life this season. It’s time to be in balance. Avoid intense arguments and learn how to have an adult conversation. Listen before speaking your mind.  

Leo, you have been called forth to take a trip. Aries season is the time that you really need to get away, busy or not. This much awaited trip will not only replenish your energy and bring out the fire in you, but it might just be the trip that you’ve been needing to take to find romance or elevate that relationship you already have.

Virgo, collaboration is something you need to learn to do. Learn how to set boundaries with others and be bold to speak your mind. You need to tread lightly when it comes to yourself, don’t get sucked in with the decisions of others. It goes the same for your relationships, embrace your individuality. Don’t be too clingy.

Take care of your relationships, Libra. Be careful, this season could be a little bit intense for you. Being giving and selfless might be harmful. Don’t overdo it. You might want to show the good and the bad in you before you dive into a new relationship. Choosing the right partner requires for them to see those.

Surround yourself with positive energy, Scorpio. Going to the gym, doing yoga and meditation is the thing that will save you from drowning in your emotions. This can lead you in finding romance or having a good space in dealing with your relationships and commitment issues.

Sagittarius, sharing the status of a fire sign with Aries, entitles you to inspiration and creativity. This is the time to put out that drawing board or your planning details and execute them. Love will come in as an inspiration as well this season.

Capricorn, as always you’ve been working hard in the past seasons. But this time, you need to take yourself home and enjoy the comforts of taking a break. Spend time with yourself.

Aquarius, it’s going to be a tough time for you buddy. It will feel like a sinking Titanic over and over, but you are equipped with the know-how in overcoming them. Just don’t get overwhelmed and accept defeat.

Pisces, you’ve enjoyed the perks of your season, but Aries is going to bring you a financial setback after that splurging you did on your birthday. It’s time to rethink your next moves financially. Getting a financial advice on where to invest will be a good move for you. Being a Pisces, you will always find someone attracted to you, it’s up to you to decide to entertain.

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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