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While sustainability is beneficial for everyone and the earth we live in, it’s not always the most convenient path. Eco-friendly options are not as readily available as those filled with chemicals and packaged in plastic. The products tend to be pricier, too.

Enter Eco Care PH’s Toothy Tabs, a zero-waste and eco-friendly alternative for toothpaste that come in plastic tubes.

Imagine we would tell you that the toothpaste you use daily contains harmful chemicals and the plastic tube won't…

Posted by Eco Care PH on Monday, March 4, 2019

These locally-made solid toothpaste tabs, about the size of a medicine tablet, are 100% vegan and organic, free of plastic packaging, and free of fluoride. It only has a total of five ingredients: Cal. Carbonate, Silica, Xylitol, Menthol, and Clove EO.

How does it work then, you ask? Simple. Just pop one in your mouth and brush as you normally would.

While the concept of Toothy Tabs is not new as a foreign brand carries it in their online and physical stores, Eco Care PH offers it 100% natural and at a significantly lower price. A box of 75 toothpaste tabs cost P99, while a box of 150 is priced at P169. Its size and solid form make it convenient for travels, too.

The Toothy Tabs are now available for purchase at the brand’s Facebook page.

What are your thoughts on these natural toothpaste alternative?


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