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After years of split as a band, the Jonas Brothers composed of Kevin, Joe, and Nick are back together.  In the recently episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, the band has laid all their cards about the reasons behind their hiatus. 

The youngest of them, Nick Jonas, 26, has openly admitted that it was his fault that the band broke up. “I broke the band up, but I got them back together.”

“It’s true, it was a full redemptive story,” Kevin, 31, said.

When Corden asked what pushed them to give it another try, Nick said that the realisation came when they were filming their upcoming documentary on Amazon Studios. 

“About a year ago we started talking about making a documentary together. That was the start of it — just to tell our story, our childhood, and into our career together. In that process we did some necessary healing, because you know when things ended it wasn’t the best,” he explained. “There was a magic when we were together that we would all like to feel again.”

Jonas Brothers are known for their hit songs “Year 3000,” “Burnin’ Up,” and “Love Bug.”

For their comeback, the group has released their new single, “Sucker” featuring the women in their lives Prinyanka Chopra (Nick’s wife), Danielle Jonas (Kevin’s wife), and Sophie Turner (Joe’s fiancée).


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