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When Oscar-winning American actress Brie Larson uploaded a video of her pushing a 5,000-pound vehicle on Instagram, fans knew that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “strongest avenger” is finally in their midst.

This noble Kree warrior level of strength, however, is not the work of an overnight training plan. Larson, who admits being “not particularly active,” prepared for the role of Captain Marvel for nine long months. For the first six months, she does 90-minute workouts before pushing it to twice-a-day, two-hour exercise sessions.

Here’s exactly how Brie Larson achieves her superhero strength.

Hip Thrusts

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335/350/400 byeeeeeee

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Newbie: Lie on the floor, knees up, and feet flat, just like you would when you’re about to do a sit-up. Press the back of your arms into the ground and start lifting your hips toward the ceiling for 15 to 25 times.

Pro: Hold a 10-pound weight above your hips as you lift and lower your hips. Add more weight if you can.

Superhero: Larson’s progress lead her to doing 400-pound hip thrusts.

Push-up drills

Newbie: Start in a plank position with your arms extended. Make sure to place a pad or folded towel beneath your chest. Slowly lower your body and once your chest touches the pad, drop your knees. Perform the reverse, extending your arms, straightening your legs, and returning to starting position. Try hovering in a plank position with your arms bent for 30 seconds.

Pro: Add weights and increase when you can.

Superhero: Larson is able to do push-ups with 50-pound, weighted chains on her back.

Bulgarian split squat

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Newbie: With your left knee touching the ground and your right leg in a deep forward lunge, raise yourself up and lower back down to starting position while maintaining control. Make sure to keep your back straight and your knee from moving beyond your ankle before switching sides.

Pro: Add and hold weights and do one and a half reps by coming all the way down, halfway up, back down and then stand up. You can also hold a barbell above your head while doing this across an open floor.

Superhero: Larson does this with 60-pound dumbbells in each hand, or 120 pounds in total.

Pull-up drills

Newbie: Jump to the top of the pull-up bar and raise your knees. Lower yourself repeatedly with control.

Pro: For more intensity, hold the position when your arms are at about 90-degrees for 10-15 seconds. Once you’re ready for full pull-ups, start with a chin-up grip with palms facing in.

Superhero: Larson goes from not being able to do on pull-up to doing six consecutively.

Landmine dead lift

Newbie: Hold a kettlebell or dumbbell light enough to maintain proper form. Engage the glutes, bend at the waist, maintain a flat back, and keep the weights close to your lower body. Continue to engage your glutes as you stand up, bringing your hips forward to return to starting position.

Pro: Raise one leg up while doing the lift and increase the weight when you know you already can.

Superhero: The Captain Marvel lead gets to do a 225-pound deadlift

While her workout regime is obviously intense, the 29-year-old actress clarifies that preparing for the role is nothing short of fun. “I do think it’s important to say [this],” she says, “It took a nutritionist, two different trainers, a paleo meal delivery service, a lot of mozarella sticks, and a lot of sleep and water.”


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