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Because your kiss, your kiss is on my list

Because your kiss, your kiss I can’t resist

Hall and Oates, ‘Kiss On My List”

Have you heard? The internet is making kissing an issue and it’s going viral. Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong of Pinoy Big Brother Otso apparently kissed on live television and shookt the social media world.

The intimate moments between the two housemates aired in the Monday episode of PBB have sparked a debate inside the Big Brother house and on social media. Some housemates and people online are not comfortable seeing the two kissing. Some even said that a woman or a “dalagang Pilipina” shouldn’t act that way.

Get a hold of yourselves, people. Yes, they were drunk and they were partying, but have you been to a bar lately? When you’re not on TV, usual reactions would be to cheer the hell out of your body and scream, “YEAH!” in support of your friends when you see them kiss. Everybody, at some point in their lives, wished to get to kiss their crushes. What’s the big deal?

But they did it on national TV. What if the kids see?

First of all, the show is rated SPG (Strong Parental Guidance). It means parents or guardians should strictly monitor their kids while watching the show. If the kids saw that particular scene, let the parents explain it to them.

Nasisira ang imahe ng dalagang Pilipina.

One, is she the only “dalagang Pilipina” in this country? Two, if there’s no such thing as a “binatang Pilipino,” then why should there be a standard to what a Filipino woman should be? What we need in this country is equality, not standards to either gender.

Ang babata pa nila.

Two words – Consenting Adults. Andre and Lou are both 21 years old.

Stop antagonizing an act of showing love and affection. If you’re an adult, it just means you are responsible for your own actions and you are believed to know what you are doing, drunk or not. If you’re not comfortable watching scenes like this on TV, you have all the rights to switch the channel or turn off the TV. Don’t be a prude and make a big deal out of it. A kiss is just a kiss.

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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