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VPeepz, a group composed of young Filipino dancers ages 11 to 16 years-old impressed the judges of American talent show “World of Dance” and advances to the next round of the competition. 

Their clean dance routine of Ludacris’ “How Low” astounded Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo. “Super strong formations. Super clean moves. Synchronicity — ridiculous. I say it a lot, dancing with one mind, everybody moving at the same time, on the same accord, you guys got that in spades,” said Ne-Yo. 

When asked why they travelled all the way from the Philippines to the America to join “World of Dance,” VPeepz response touched J. Lo’s heart. “I guess we just want to show the world that even though we’re all different, I can say that there’s unity in diversity,” a member of the group answered. 

“To hear your mission statement from your mouth, from how you feel and what you’re all about, to me, this is why I have so much hope for the future of this world,” J. Lo told the group. 

Meanwhile, Hough, gave good feedbacks. “Just like the footwork, the speed, just how in sync you all were, how sharp, how you hit everything, the formation changes, everything was so on point. It was so strong,” he said. 

VPeepz received the average score of 90.3 which qualifies them to the next round of the competition called “The Duels.”

Good job, kiddos! 


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