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As an international best-selling author, Lang Leav is undeniably one of the most influential writers of today. As she released her newest book “Love Looks Pretty on You” this also marked her fourth visit in the Philippines to promote it and meet her Filipinos fans.

In a rare opportunity, MB Life had a privilege to interview the world-renowned poet and asked her what advice she can give to every aspiring writers out there. And here are her three tips.

1. Don’t let your socio-economic status hinder your dream

Growing up in a refugee camp where the access to proper education is limited was a tough challenge Leav had to overcome when she was a child. She feels lucky to have been given the opportunity to migrate in a country where world-class studies are available.

“We have the library, I was there all the time, I think these were the things that really saved me,” she narrated. “And this is a lesson I want to impart on anyone who finds themselves in my situation, in countries where there is low socio-economic background like the one that I came from. And that as a woman, there are no limits, you can achieve anything that you want to be. It doesn’t matter where you start, you can get there. And if I can, any one can,” she said.

2. Listen to the right voices

Even though already successful in her field, Leav also acknowledges the reality that not everyone appreciates her works. But she doesn’t let negative criticisms get in to her.“I try not to listen to people who really don’t know what they are talking about, I mean most of the time what they are saying is completely ludicrous and wrong,” she shared.

“I think being a writer is about listening to the write voices.I take advice from my agent, the one who made of me today to judge my work, I think he’s in the right position than some random persons online.”

But the poet also has something to say to all the trolls online. “I see young writers posting their works online, they were shut down and I think that’s not nice to do,” Leav said. “You have to support writers and if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t. People are just finding their voices, they’re experimenting, and they’re allowed to do that in a place that’s safe and harmonious.”

3. Watch out for her new works

Aside from “Love Loves Pretty on You” Leav revealed that she’s already in the process of writing her new novel. A story about an aspiring writer, her “journey to fame,” — a book where readers can find important lessons in writing. “I’ve got fantastic news for everyone. I’m working on my next novel and it’s about a girl, an aspiring poet, and it’s about her journey to fame. I’m gonna be using the paths that I’ve learned in the industry in the past few years and there would be a plenty of it,” she ended.

Leav will have a book singing event in Alabang Town Center today, February 24, Sunday. For more details check hashtag #LangLeavInPH on social media.


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