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Hey there, Pisces, the spotlight is on you! We all know what that means, it’s going to be a roller coaster of emotions from here on now – empathic feels and tears, plus a dash of pixie dust and everyone can be flying up. Whimsical Pisces is a water sign and is all about feelings and intuition. Even though you are crying sadness, you will feel happiness inside for the very reason that you are experiencing tears. We all have a little Pisces in all of us, as we feel for others and can share our emotions with them. Pisces is all about dreams as well. They carry out magic like a unicorn, there’s always something beautiful happening.

Pisces season is a time to connect with our inner selves. Have that conversation we’ve always needed to have with who we are. Most of us will be extra creative this season. Pisces folks are always crafty and artistic in one way or another. If your creativity has been calling on you the past seasons and you’ve been ignoring, this time all you signs that have been called for will be demanded to answer. Dreams are needed to become a reality, so make it happen.

Aries, it’s time to get in touch with your spirituality. Meditate and relax. Surrender and let the good vibes flow.

Taurus, stop fighting the feeling of loneliness. The time where friends matter most is now. Enjoy the company of three or more. Make it a party and have fun.

Gemini, “work, work, work, work, work”, is not just a Pisces-Rihanna song but it’s the focus you should have this season. If you have a new skill, time to present that skill to your boss to elevate your position in work. Your energy will be filled with the right dose of confidence and desire to get that promotion or change your work status to your liking.

Cancer, spiritual healing should be your focus this season. Meditate and exercise daily. Pump up the volume to your intuition and listen to your inner self, it will reveal wisdom that it has been telling you for quite some time now.

Leo, your power is on high levels this season. You have what it takes to make your dreams come true. Manifest them. Your creativity has been calling on you, obey. It will be very good for you to let your artistic juice just flow.

Virgo, don’t let go of being pragmatic. You have been known to be very good at it. With this season where fixing or developing relationships can be challenging to you, being practical and grounded will be your best solution.

Libra, have you been neglecting yourself these past months? It’s time to take a break and focus on your personal care. Get your health straightened out and clean your mind out of clutter. You’ve been too harsh on yourself, putting poison in your brain and body with overthinking and overwhelming yourself with work. Take a break, now.

As a water sign yourself, Scorpio, you are in for a ride. Love will be on your side much stronger than ever. Relationships will either grow beautifully or wilt peacefully for your own benefit.

Pisces season is not in your favour, Sagittarius. You will feel weird energy and a wave of different emotions. It’s better to stay at home, enjoy the bed and embrace the moments of rest. It will be good for you eventually.

Capricorn, explore the party scene and enjoy getting the attention of your friends and new people. You’ve been working so hard, so it’s just right to enjoy a few hours out in town and just have fun.

Aquarius, we said goodbye to you but it doesn’t mean that the good vibes have said bye-bye too. Your energy is still on high, favours from the Universe are still pouring down on you. Your finances are really looking good.

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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