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“Get your freak on!” might just be the theme of Aquarius season. Not in a sexual way. Aquarius people are known to be the weirdest of a bunch and have the most out of this world ideas. Aquarius are the activists of all activists, in the back of their minds they sing the song, “heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race” and they have their own tune to go with it. Even if they are in activist mode, they are chill AF kind of people. You would wonder how the hell do they do it.

Aquarius are ideologists, creatives and just plain weird revolutionary thinkers. They are not afraid of showing how weird they are and sharing their thoughts to a crowd. Three is not a crowd, ten can be considered a crowd for these Aquarians.

No matter what your sign is, you will definitely feel the vibes of the Aquarius season. It’s all good vibes.

Leo is going to be the most affected sign in Aquarius season. You are the opposite pole of Aquarius in zodiac wheel chart, afterall. This season will make you feel a push and pull in your beliefs. You will start questioning if what you are doing in your life still makes sense. You will receive epiphanies that will open your eyes to the real you. You will find challenges that will make you know fo’ sho  that you are so much more, Leo. You will feel this the most during the full moon. It’s time to embrace this feeling of anxiety, because your inner self is telling you what you’re really supposed to do. You might even find yourself doing something that you don’t really like, and find guilt within you because you are not doing what you really love. Don’t fret though, just welcome the bravado that’s tingling in your heart and leave that thing that you don’t like. It’s time.

As for Aries, if you feel like inviting your friends over your house for coffee or a couple of drinks, and you think it’s not like you to do that to begin with, don’t worry. Aquarius season is time for collaborations and sharing of ideas. You will eventually see that having friends over will allow you to accomplish things you can’t do on your own.

Taurus, it’s time to decide to get your sh*t together. You’ve been grounded a long time, that you haven’t even made a single step towards what you really want. The thing is, you can do whatever it is that you want,  because the world is your playground. Act on your cosmic revelations. Do it!

Hey Gemini, you’ve been reading and filling your mind with knowledge all this time. In Aquarius season, you might just be put to the test because of these knowledge. Your little Miss Chatterbox attitude will be given an opportunity to speak in front of a crowd or class, and they will welcome what you will share on the table.

Cancer, you will find yourself asking help from your friends this season. You can act tough all you want, but you will need friends to help you with life. It’s a good thing. You don’t have to be a b*tch about it. You won’t even have time to boss them around, because they will know what you need and you won’t. Let it be.

Virgo, ‘tis the season to discover self-love. You might want to know that you can have unlimited unconditional self-love. It’s okay to be weird, no one is going to judge you. Take it from an Aquarian, they don’t care if they are being true at the expense of being out of this world, as long as they show love to themselves.

As a fellow air sign (Yes, Aquarius is an air sign, despite the watery name), you will have the wind in your favor and you will be showered with multiple new and creative ideas, Libra.  Let it flow towards you and carry them with you in the next coming seasons.

Scorpio, you need to know that Aquarius season is the time to be calm and cool. So, chill. You can be collected, weigh your beliefs and thoughts, but surrender to the Universe. You will be provided what you need. You don’t need to be a drama queen this season. Take a break from all that drama.

Sagittarius, you are a fire sign. Let your energy ignite fun and happiness in this world. It’s time to get out of that cave and show the world that you are the warm person you really are. Be around friends and colleagues. You’ll never know, romance might just ignite for you as well.

You’ve been working hard, Capricorn, and you know it. You’ve been making money, but now it’s time to make it rain. Just on you though. This is the perfect time to reward yourself with a new diamond necklace, perhaps or a new watch. You know that you want something tangible and with value as investment. But remember, it is a gift for yourself.

Pisces, it’s time to go on an inner self journey. Wise up yourself with new beliefs and understanding of yourself. Weed out those thoughts that are not needed to make yourself flourish. You need it. You will love it afterwards because you will feel refreshed and brand new. You will have a new story to tell afterwards.

Featured Image by Madel Crudo


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