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If you’re always surfing the Internet like us, we’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of the viral “This Is My Voice” challenge. This is an online challenge where people record the “changes” in their voices and accents after moving to a new place, after transferring to a new school, or after watching K-dramas.

“This Is My Voice” challenge originated from the Tik Tok app and has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. These videos are usually divided into four parts: One day, one week, one month, and one year.

You can see a lot of Pinoy versions of this challenge online, but here are some of the funniest videos that we’ve seen:

Goblin is shookt!

This Pinoy’s British accent is spot on! 

Oops, that escalated quickly.

Aww, we miss watching Descendants of the Sun! A for effort!

Yasss, slay it, girl! 

This one is not the usual “This is my voice” challenge, but it’s hilarious! 

Which “This Is My Voice” video is your fave?


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