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The Golden Globes 2019 awards night may be over, but the Internet isn’t done creating some quality memes about the woman who stole the show. It’s not Lady Gaga, Sandra Oh, or other famous personalities, it’s “Fiji Water Girl.”

During the awards night, Twitter users were quick to notice that a girl holding a tray of Fiji water bottles photobombed several Hollywood celebrity red carpet photos. And it’s not just a simple photobomb, she’s even looking at the camera smiling.

According to The Cut, the famous “Fiji Water Girl” is model Kelleth Cuthbert. Rom Bokobza, a writer and producer at Condé Nast also got the chance to speak to Cuthbert at the venue and she said that everything was “calculated.” Effective marketing!

Screenshot from @robokob

Cuthbert posted a photo of her at the Golden Globes with the caption: “Not the worst way to spend a Sunday… #goldenglobesfijigirl #fijiwatergirl

The brand Fiji is the official water brand of the Golden Globe Awards since 2015. In an article by TIME, it said that for this year, “the company teamed up with Matrix Model Staffing to present the bottles on the red carpet in an effort to have Fiji bottles photographed more prominently at the event.”

You go, girl! You’re the real star of the night!


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