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Amid the circulation of viral videos of bullying incidents in Ateneo de Manila, celebrities speak up and share their opinions on the issue. 

One of them is the Grammy-nominated singer Lea Salonga who vent out her thoughts through her Facebook account. “I think we all agree that the school needs to take much swifter action with regards to this boy’s pattern of behavior (there are allegedly more victims, and more videos), as well as with this boy’s accomplices, and that the bully’s parents need to come down hard on their kid. On that, we have common ground,” she says. 

Salonga also leaves a message to the victim. “Don’t be defenseless anymore.”

She also calls the attention of the parents, “parents, it might be a good idea to enroll your child in a self-defense class (aside from TKD, there’s jiu jitsu and karate, as well as other forms of martial arts that might be fun as well as useful). So that when a little s*** bully tries to mess with your son or daughter, you’re already ahead of the game. But never instigate; only defend.”

The Asia’s Songbird also have the same thought as Salonga’s. In her Twitter account, Regine Velasquez says that parents should start teaching their kids how to defend themselves. 

Meanwhile, Kapamilya host Robi Domingo expresses his dismay about the incident and even admits that he was once a victim of bullying. “I am not happy about it. I was also a victim of that kind of incident before,” he says.

Upon watching the video, actress Sharlene San Pedro gets furious and shares her thoughts on Twitter.

“Kung sino man yung  student na nambubully sa video eh may kalalagyan,” she says. “Salamat sa kung sino man ang nag-upload. First time kong mangigil sa buong buhay ko.”

Kapuso actor Gil Cuerva is disappointed with her Alma Matter for allowing this to happen. “Man, it’s a shame. I came from that school. Really disappointed with the way they’re sweeping this all under the rug,” he shares. 

On the other hand, Anthony Pangilinan encourages everyone to stop sharing the videos pointing that bullies need proper help and guidance. 

‘Bullying kids need help, whether or not they ask for it. For the system to “miss it” is a failure of authority, no denying it,” he tells. “But spreading hate and calls for retribution do not help. Can’t righten a wrong with another wrong. I pray higher, enlightened authorities step in, and now.” 


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