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If you have 20 or more loved ones and a whole barangay of inaanak that you can’t possibly hide from, coming up with gift ideas can be mentally exhausting and buying them, financially painful. With Christmas day fast approaching, you need to complete your list ASAP.

You need not fret, though. Gift sets can be your best bet. Here are some options to choose from.

Happy Skin

Happy Skin, known for their skin-caring makeup, is offering beauty sets at discounted prices. For as low as P599, you can get an eyelash curler with two lip tints or a gel nail polish. For P999, you can get any of these: a hydrating skin booster, micellar wipes, and a gel nail polish; a set of five gel nail polishes; or a micellar makeup cleanser and a matte lippie. For P1299, you can get any of these two sets: micellar wipes, a matte lippie, a hydrating facial wash, and tweezers; or a lash curler, a matte lippie, an oil-controlling mositurizer, and tweezers.

The Face Shop

If you’re on a tight budget, fret not. Korean beauty brand The Face Shop has a wide variety of gift sets for as low as P150. For under P200, you can get a shower set, or any of the two travel-sized moisture and recovery sets. For P300 and below, you can cop any of the five sets of face masks and foaming face wash. Makeup sets worth P400 come with eye and lip products in a pouch. For P500, you can get two face masks, a foaming face wash, and a tub of moisturizer.

The Body Shop 

The Body Shop is one of those brands who consistently come out with holiday sets and this year is no different. They have a shower gel, lotion, and a puff in one set. Other sets have a soap, hand cream, mini body butter, a shower cream, and a puff.

They have a grooming kit for guys, too, which includes a shaving cream, a hanky, and a brush.

Real Techniques

Makeup tools are just as important as the products. These Neon Lights Set from Real Techniques has four brushes for your eyes and face. It also comes with their best-selling sponge.

Beauty Bar

Handy versions of our essentials just make travelling a lot easier, may it be shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, or cream. This luxury hand cream set of Naturally European comes in three variants at P995.


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