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By now, you’ve been to multiple holiday parties and we’re sure you’ll attend more in the coming days. Different parties means tons of selfies and outfit exposures, too. We’re no emperor, but it’s better to look back at these parties without being confused over who attended which party, right?

While styling, mixing, and matching can help make you look like you’ve got a hundred outfits to choose from, the reality is you don’t. All you have are pieces that can be paired with anything and everything.

If you happen to need some help, though, take a look at our suggestions. Each item in this list is under P2,000, because we know you need to make that budget work now more than ever.


We may not have (natural) snow in the country, but you can always wear a white sweater to feel like you’ve got ice all over you. You have to keep yourself warm from the cold breeze anyway, so sporting a sweater is a safe bet. Whether you tuck it in or wear it with heels, it still works.


Denim is a classic. Don’t @ us. Dress it up or down, you can pair it with anything, even a knitted sweater. High-waist, and straight-cut jeans is just as versatile as your skinny pair. You won’t need to worry about your tummy reflecting all the food you ate at the party. Don’t forget to do the front tuck, too. You’d look taller in no time.


If you feel like wearing a dress, go for classic silhouettes like this wrap dress. You can wear it to both formal and casual parties, depending on your accessories. This navy color screams Christmas, too.


Mules are the IT shoes at the moment. Not only are they comfy, they’re also stylish. You can wear it with your sweater and jeans, or your navy wrap dress. Don’t think that silver footwear is too flashy for the holidays, because it isn’t. In fact, it’s exactly what you need to light up the party.


Imono Jewelry Set Silver, P549.75 on Zalora

Marilyn Monroe say, “Diamonds are forever,” but so are pearls. This jewelry set goes perfectly with your current and future outfits. Trust us, these are staples in the 1920s and at present, and it will continue to be.

What are you wearing for all the holiday parties you’re attending?


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