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By now, it’s a universally-accepted fact that the Christmas season is synonymous to Jose Mari Chan, thanks to his popular and still-enduring 1990 Christmas album called Christmas In Our Hearts.

If you think his knack for holiday hits ended 28 years ago, you might want to consider listening to a snippet of his new Christmas jingle with Oh, Flamingo!

The collaboration, a 60-second song about gift-giving and sharing, is for a Japanese clothing brand.

In one of the band’s Birdwatching vlog, the indie rock band shared their experience working with the Father of Philippine Christmas Music. It features clips of the studio while recording the jingle, hanging out with the “Christmas In Our Hearts” singer, as well as their individual thoughts on the project.

While we do not know if an official video for the jingle will be released, it’s likely that it’ll be played inside the brand’s clothing stores.

Watch the latest episode of Birdwatching here:

Featured Image by Madel Crudo


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