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The steamy trailer of Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino’s upcoming movie “Glorious” didn’t just heat up the screens but also fired-up the internet. During the movie’s blogcon, the ABS-CBN management said that this preview is now the most viewed video trailer for a digital film in the Philippines.

As of writing, the said sneak peek already garnered more than 13M views and still counting. With its unconventional story and strong sexual content scenes, the actors weren’t able to avoid “too personal” questions from members of the press.

‘Glorious’ lead actors Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino with director Connie S. Macatuno (Photos by Jessica Pag-iwayan)

Real-life “Glorious” relationship

Just like Angel’s character Glory, a 52-year-old brain tumor survivor who falls in love with 22-year-old Niko (Tony), the gorgeous actress admits that she personally had similar relationships in the past like the one in “Glorious.”

“My past relationships were with younger people and I think the youngest would be 11 years younger than me,” she says. “Mas mature siya than early 30s guy. Medyo gets niya ako and gets ko rin siya. Tapos he was very respectful. In a relationship like that, pareho kayong may take-away, you both learn from each other.”

While for Tony, he shares that when he was 20, a 35-year-old married woman confessed her feelings for him. “She already has three kids and a husband. I really don’t want to get involved with her. Friend ko lang siya, pero umamin siya na in love siya sa akin. At that point in my life, I realized that it’s possible, anybody can really fall in love. Age doesn’t really matter, it’s just the connection between two people.”

The actor clarifies that they didn’t get into a romantic relationship but stayed as friends.

Sex and compatibility

When asked about their take on having sexual compatibility with their partners, Tony and Angel admit that they find it an important factor for every romantic relationship.

Tony and Angel’s hot scene from the movie trailer.

The 23-year-old actor even says that he thinks “sex is God’s gift to a couple.” “I think it’s important to respect one another, but if you look at it kasi, a lot of marriages and relationships failed. One main problem is they don’t have a good sex life,” he continues.

Angel Aquino agrees by saying the “sexual connection should always be there” no matter how long the relationship is. “I think that sexual compatibility and yung sexual energy n’yo together is very important. And it’s something that would always be there in a relationship,” she explains.

The secret to her ageless beauty

With the tagline “50 is the new 20,” Angel Aquino is the epitome of this statement. At the age of 45, she possesses an ageless beauty and even Tony admits that she has fairer skin than him.

Glowing and youthful looking Angel Aquino during ‘Glorious’ media con.

During the digital conference, she was also asked how she maintains her youthful glow and sexy body.

According to the actress, she has no idea how, but she points out that she lives a healthy life and surrounds herself with people who love her. “I honestly don’t know. But of course I take care of myself. I try to exercise when I can, eat the right food. But I think it’s really ‘yung outlook mo sa buhay, the people you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with good, happy, kind people, then you’ll always be in that… Hindi nga ako marunong magalit,” she ends.

“Glorious” is exclusively available on iWant app and on TFC Online ( starting November 17.


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