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Mike Flanagan’s reimagining of the 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson is META (all caps para intense). Hindi ito yung generic haunted-house flick sa tabi-tabi. It’s a masterpiece that combines an interesting plot, extremely talented actors, unique storytelling, smart cinematography, and loads of sh*t-your-pants jumpscares. This 10-episode psychological horror will haunt you more than any ghost could.


The narrative follows the Crain family who in 1992 temporarily moves into an old mansion called Hill House. They had no clue the place was a supernatural cesspool, pretty much minulto sila. They manage to escape the residence, but 26 years later sh*t starts happening again.


The Haunting of Hill House is not your typical horror genre that capitalizes on fear at the expense of a good plot. It’s so well-written, the psychological WTF moments are balanced with the *shriek* scary ones. The storyline will have you frustrated and in deep thought, whenever you’re not petrified from the suspense. Sobrang dynamic ng kwento, ma-iipon yung questions sa utak mo with answers unravelled towards the end. Each episode focuses on a certain character, his/her backstory, and development, no dull parts. Medyo confusing lang yung flow minsan especially if you’re not attentive enough since the narrative goes back and forth through time.

The phenomenal performances of both adult and child actors/actresses were also vital into really giving life and fear the show. The all-star cast is comprised of the adult protagonist siblings played by Michiel Huisman as Steven, Elizabeth Ruser as Shirley, Kate Siegel as Theodora, Luke Jackson-Oliver as Luke, and Victoria Pedretti as Nell; and their mother Carla Gugino and father Timothy Hutton. Everyone deserves an award. From director hanggang sa production assistant. OP umarte pati yung mga kiddos.

In terms of cinematography, there’s this one episode where they have a long-take na sobrang fluid and seamless nung shot. That’s just one instance that showcased lighting and angles efficiently utilized to convey certain moods of the scenes. Fun fact: in some frames, the director placed easter egg ghosts that is super hard to notice (paano absorbed kami sa panunuod) just to add more eeriness to scenes.

Jumpscares and creepiness, given na yun. Some of the bizarre and freaky creatures in the series are the Bent Neck Lady, the ghost of a girl who hanged herself and has surprises you probably didn’t see coming; the Bowler Hat Guy, a man na grabe na nga sa tangkad lumulutang pa; and that one zombie in the basement (it wasn’t really established who this guy was).


Overall, its reputation speaks for itself: 90% in rotten tomatoes, 80% sa metacritic, and 9.5 out of 10 for IGN entertainment. It’s one of today’s top shows, which we believe deserves all the positive reviews and clamour it has been receiving. While each episode lasts for an hour, it’s still fairly easy to binge watch, dahil sa riveting storyline that ultimately teaches us to face our fears ghosts in the form of guilt and sins. Oh ‘di ba may pa-metaphor. Pwedeng-pwede rin isang buong araw upuan at matapos, because of how addicting and good it is. There are speculations of a second season, pero wala pang official statement.

Catch the series on Netflix, wag kang pirata.

Watch the trailer here:

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