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They say you are what you eat, so if you’re a foodie with a compassionate heart, the “Restaurants Against Hunger” campaign might just be the platform you’ve been looking for. As in, sis!

An international initiative of the restaurant industry, the campaign unites chefs, restaurant owners, and food junkies around the globe to channel their passion for food into life-saving. It is promoted by non-profit organization, Action Against Hunger, whose work is focused on combating hunger especially in children. Currently in its third run in the country, the group is partnering with over 28 food places all over the metro for this cause.

How does the campaign work, you ask? Simple lang, bes. Restaurants choose one or more special dishes from their menu and label them as “Dishes That Feed More.” Diners then consume the food items. A portion of the restaurant’s profit from the featured dish then goes to Action Against Hunger projects. Literal na kakain ka lang bes at makakatulong ka na sa mga bata. Simple and smart, ’no?

Participating restos include Alba Restaurante Espanol, Aracam, Azuthai, Cafe Mediterranean, Calderon, Chef Laudico OK Cafe, Chelsea Kitchen, Chotto Matte / Izakaya Sensu, Corner Tree Cafe, Cyma, Friends & Family / Coconut Club, Green Pastures, Grilla, Ikomai, Ilustrado, Kabila, Museum Cafe, Providore, Saboten, Sangkap, Simple Lang, Sobremesa, Terraz Bistro & Meetings, Terry’s Bistro, The Old Spaghetti House, The Shrimp Shack, Wild Ginger, and The Bistro Group.

The campaign period runs for three months, starting on October 1 and ending on December 1. That’s plenty of time for you, your fam, and your squad to eat out at any of the mentioned restaurants and help out kids in need. #NoExcuses na, memsh.

Restaurants Against Hunger is Action Against Hunger’s fundraising campaign for local projects that address hunger and malnutrition. Restaurants can still sign up to join the campaign at

Featured image courtesy of Action Against Hunger


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