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Have you ever read numerous food blogs hyping new food finds only to be disappointed by the end of the meal? Masarap Ba can totally relate (as in, bes), which is why the self-confessed foodie took the initiative to try out restaurants, street stalls, and off-the-grocery-shelf items like a strong, independent person would. And he/she (secret daw ang gender niya) goes by the pseudonym, Kat Abaan Jr. We see what you did there, Kat!

In case you haven’t come across Masarap Ba (which is a bit impossible, TBH), it is a food review account with a combined following of 374,000 on Facebook and Instagram. For him/her, food is simple (as it should be, mga memsh). It’s either masarap or hindi masarap. While we don’t know Kat’s full identity, here are compelling reasons to tap that like or follow button.

Relatable AF

Did you ever feel the world stop spinning when what could be the best-tasting food ever land your taste buds? Same for Kat, gurl! Same! The captions detailing food verdicts are often witty and funny. It almost sounds like that one friend in the squad sounding off her food thoughts online. Plus, hindi rin choosy si Masarap Ba. Be it a 20-peso ube ice cream, or a sisig in a food truck at a Makati sidewalk, laban lang.

When Kat’s not online posting reviews and reposting stories of ka-kultos—the nickname for his/her followers—he/she is either working as a freelancer or in a grocery store somewhere, searching the shelves for great-tasting food. Baka kasabay mo na rin siyang nakapila sa checkout counter. *wink*

Honest and reliable reviews

It’s safe to say that at least 99.9% (taray, parang germs lang) of Kat’s food verdicts are reliable. Many ka-kulto would go hoard (hindi lang bili, besh, kasi nagkakaubusan talaga) his/her suggestions and drool in sheer deliciousness. Kat doesn’t hold back, too, when the food under review tastes bad or is not worth the price. Sabagay, honesty is the best policy. Room for improvement din ’to, mga ka-kulto.

Pet lover

Kat loves pet cats and dogs just as much as food. In between IG stories of midnight cravings and ka-kultos showing off their cooking skills, a post about a dog who needs rescue or stray cats who are in need of food and water pops up. This is where social media shines. It becomes a tool for good will and spreading awareness. At hindi lang puro post si Kat, he/she contributes, too. #lodi

Health conscious

While Kat recommends her favorite instant noodles and cheesedogs, he/she knows that anything excessive is never beneficial for the body. Kung may food recos siya, may suggestions din siya to stay healthy. From detoxifying juices to outright telling all ka-kulto to avoid eating processed food daily, Kat makes sure to keep everyone’s health in check. Awww, sweet!

Supports local

Mala-Carlos P. Garcia rin si Kat (Tanda niyo pa ‘yung Filipino First Policy from grade school HEKASI?) because he/she supports small/medium enterprises (SMEs). Astig! And you already know what happens when a food post goes viral: people do whatever it takes to get their hands on the featured food. ’Matic na exposure and sales ‘yan, which our local entrepreneurs need the most. TBH, hindi na mabilang ’yung mga SMEs with super underrated food products na nakilala through Masarap Ba. But perhaps, the most moving is the story of Lola Hope. Check Masarap Ba’s IG highlights for the full story but point is, bili kayo ng leche flan kay lola kung mapadaan kayo sa Harrizon Plaza.

Find more food reviews on Masarap Ba’s  official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. 

Featured image by Madel Crudo; Photos by Masarap Ba


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