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YouTube (YT) attracts 1/3 of internet users and is the second largest search engine in the world next only to Google. Think about that, Brodie. This is ludacris since the video-sharing site isn’t even a search engine to begin with. Let’s be real: less people read nowadays and no one hardly ever watches traditional television anymore. We’re at a time when online video is layf. And when it comes to online videos, YT reigns supreme.

Aside from earning tons of dinero from making videos, YouTubers (those who create content) also get to inspire, influence, and impact a lot of people. They are the new wave of celebrities. If you want to be—or already are—among the 50 million and counting YouTubers out there, we’ve prepared six tips based on YouTube’s Chris Klapwijk, Manager, Creator and Artist Development Philippines, to jumpstart or energize your career. Here’s how you can become the next PewDiePie, ElrubiusOMG, Jenna Marbles, or Yuya.

1. Story not sorry

Although technology is now more affordable (sorta) and videos might look nice shot with high-end equipment, no one will care if the story is sh*t. You can shoot a video using an army of drones and an 8k-ultra-hd camera, but a compelling and resonating story taken with your phone could still reach more viewers. Point is: ’wag ka masyado ma-stress over production quality, fam. Instead, consider what you want to achieve, feel, and do. Parang sa pagkain lang yan: we all prefer taste over looks.

Types of videos that go viral: structured vlogs (ones with flow, not the random crap), humorous skits (checkout nigahiga, smosh, keye and peel), and infotainment (tutorials and explainer videos).

2. Use people Collaborate

Ever heard of 1+1=3? An equation na medyo bopols sa math pero represents the concept of synergy. Guest on other channels or have other celebs appear on your vids. By coordinating with other YouTubers, organizations, and brands, you get to tap on their resources such as equipment, facilities, ideas, stories, and even audiences. Mas masaya and you create better.

3. Be unique, be Batman

As some wise, random person once said somewhere: “Being the best is great, you’re number one, but being unique is greater, you’re the only one.” Gets? Think about who you are and how to add value to your persona to stand out. Don’t fall into conformity. Having confidence goes a long way. Look at Batman: the dude’s wearing a bat costume and his undie outside, yet he f*cking owns it.

4. Metadata Optimization

In short: make the most out of your data. Check your YouTube statistics, and apply what you learn to constantly improve your channel. By going through which videos worked and failed, you can adjust all your visuals and audio visual cues. You can establish your own channel branding this way: from titles and descriptions; channel art like thumbnails, front page, banner; to how you present yourself on videos. And get other people’s opinions—tipong yung pinaka-judgmental mong kaibigan—is the appearance of my page appealing and consistent?

5. It’s OurTube not YourTube

Oo na. We know it’s YouTube. But you get the point? Involve your subscribers and followers in your content. Have them react and comment. Kunwari, tanungin mo sila kung ano gusto nila makita. Make them feel special, like how you treat your girl/boyfriend, family, and friends. Pag feeling ng fans mo na napapansin at nirerespeto mo sila, you’ll get more support. They’re the ones who will put you on top.

6. Consistency is key 

We cannot stress enough how consistency is everything. (Parang sa relationships lang, bruh.) You should follow a posting schedule so your viewers have something to anticipate. It’s the same as waiting for your favorite TV show. You get excited and hooked because you’re aware when a program is airing. It’s not only “when” but also “what” you put up. Consistency in tone, storytelling, and edit builds branding.

Illustrations by Madel Crudo


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