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There’s no denying how much Filipinos love summer. It’s the best time of the year to satisfy your insatiable thirst for travel, whether your idea of an adventure takes you to the mountains or the sea.

This summer Locally encourages Filipinos to explore and discover more of the Philippines with its #TravelWithLocally campaign. As a quirky homegrown brand that serves unique, all-Pinoy juice flavors sourced from different provinces in the country, the brand envisions to encapsulate the Philippines’ goodness in a bottle.

Taste the classic sweetness of ripe mangoes in Wake Me Up Before You Mango-go.

“Interest in travel has grown in recent years. We’re happy to see that more Filipinos are trying to explore and discover our country,” says Gretchen King, Group Product Manager of the quirky juice line. “We love the idea of being able to grow the spirit of Pinoy pride, and we’d like to add to the experience of fully enjoying what the country has to offer, not just the sceneries but also the people, the food and everything and anything Filipino.”

Mangga’t to Believe in Magic captures the flavors of green mango in a bottle.

With the summer season comes three new limited edition flavors: Wake Me Up Before You Mango-go (Ripe Mango), Mangga’t to Believe in Magic (Green Mango), and Betcha by Guava Wow (Pink Guava). “Summer is the best time to introduce our three new and limited edition juices. We chose Mango because it’s our national fruit, and given the playful identity of the brand,  we don’t want to just stick to the ripe variety, we want to take it up a notch and include Green Mango as well,” King says.

Betcha by Guava Wow nailed the smell and sweetness of pink guavas.

As Green Mango is a seasonal flavor people crave for, they can now enjoy it all bottled up and ready-to-go, whenever they get the appetite. Pink Guava is another popular fruit in the Philippines, so the Locally team decided why not make a juice out of bayabas? It offers a burst of flavors, both sour and sweet, for a completely refreshing drink.

To launch its #TravelWithLocally campaign, the brand took over La Union for a uniquely Locally Summer experience. “La Union is one of the hippest destinations in the country right now, especially during summer,” says King. “More than that, it’s also a place that has embraced what is uniquely its own, and we feel like it’s the ideal place to start because it evokes the same spirit as the brand.”

The Sunny Surftown of La Union

People know La Union as a surf spot due to its north swell, but equally as notable is its budding homegrown community – a passionate group of people growing together in a place they love, to make La Union what it is.

With a roadside dotted with a wide array of resorts and hostels and a picturesque view of the seaside, everyone from city dwellers to backpackers can enjoy their stay. Besides that, the town’s food scene does not disappoint, as many chefs and baristas from Manila have been moving to Elyu, slowly turning it into a foodie hub.

La Union is a place that inspires a heady kind of wanderlust. The town attracts people from everywhere – locals and foreigners alike – and every person you meet has their own story to tell.

“It’s a place where actual conservations happen with people you won’t usually encounter in the city, and where everyone is warm and welcome,” says Surf Entrepreneur Jeff Ortega. “It’s no surprise that people keep coming back.”

With the plethora of islands the Philippines has, there are many varied local experiences waiting to be discovered. So fill out your calendar, and use your long weekends and holidays to explore and rediscover your homeland with Locally this summer. #TravelWithLocally

Betcha by Guava Wow (Pink Guava); Wake Me Up Before You Mango-go (Ripe Mango); and Mangga’t to Believe in Magic (Green Mango) will only be available until September 2018 in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets, in 250 ML eco-friendly glass bottles for Php32.50 (Ripe Mango & Pink Guava), and Php37.95 (Green Mango). The rest of the Locally line of juices are available in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets, in 350ml bottled juices for Php30.20, and 200ml cans for Php25.75 (SRP). For more information, you may visit @LocallyPH on Instagram and Facebook.


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