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Never Not Love You is perhaps one of the most realistic Filipino romantic films that we’ve seen. It follows the story of millennial lovers, Joanne (Nadine Lustre), a hardworking marketing associate   and Gio (James Reid), an amboy freelance graphic artist. The two fall in love and lived together before a work opportunity shakes up their relationship.

We don’t want to give away all the details about the movie because you know, we want you to watch it for yourself. But allow us to share the five best things that we love from the film:

1. It talks about the reality of being in a relationship. Not like the typical Pinoy romantic films that involve third parties or sudden deaths, this Antoinette Jadaone film merely depicts the reality of being in a relationship. The film was able to communicate the different dilemmas that a young couple can encounter especially in a long distance relationship.

2. It’s not your “kilig” film. If you’re just looking for kilig, this movie might not your best option. You can still have that kilig vibes in some parts, but the film is really aout growing up and making adult decisions with your partner. It also tells us that love isn’t perfect and conflicts will come and go.

3. JaDine’s chemistry. JaDine fans should get ready to see a more mature James Reid and Nadine Lustre in Never Not Love You. They’ve both grown up as actors and as a love team. You can feel exactly what the characters are going through because of their acting. What a natural.

4. The airport scene. If there’s a scene that brought us to tears, it’s the airport scene. Although they said “Walang lilingon.” before Nadine leaves London, they did the opposite. It’s heartbreakingly real. Prepare your tissues! *cries*

5. The soundtrack. The film features OPM songs such us “Sana,” “Prom,” and “Bulong.” You’ll really end up humming each song. So make sure that after reading this article, to check out your Spotify account and download all the songs from the movie. Be ready for the ultimate LSS. “Parang atin ang gabi, para bang wala tayong katabi. At tayo’y sumayaw na parang di na tayo bibitaw…”

Watch the trailer here:

Photos screen grabbed from Viva Entertainment 


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