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Making Valentine’s Day special takes quite a lot of work. You’d have to free your usually buys schedule (especially because February 14 is a work or school day), plan your itinerary carefully, and prepare yourself for some major moolah spending.

You and your bae’s big romantic date is just less than a week away and if you still can’t figure out where to spend the special day, you’re in big trouble. Those fancy restaurants you would’ve liked you candle-lit dinner to take place might already by fully-booked and tickets to that Valentine’s Day movie might be sold out already.

Fret not! We’ve listed down fun (and simple) date ideas perfect for you and your bae:

1. Go to a theme park

What better way to de-stress from the busy work or school schedule than to spend a whole day having fun at the theme park. Apart from it’s adrenaline-pumping rides such as the Space Shuttle, Disk-o-Magic, and Anchor’s Away, Enchanted Kingdom is also offering a unique and romantic date for couples: the “Enchanting Dinner in the Sky.” Atop the Wheel of Fate (ferris wheel), couples can enjoy a romantic meal with a 360-degree view of Santa Rosa, Laguna. The couple package for two is priced at P1,700 (Park) and P2,100 (Park and Agila). If you are on a double date, a group package for four is also available for P3,300 (Park) and P4,000 (Park and Agila). All packages include a special dinner, souvenir photo, premier show seats to Enchante and a 10% discount on Merchandise items in selected stores. Visit Enchanted Kingdom’s website for inquiry and booking details.

2. Go on a food crawl

Instead of a fancy restaurant where a tiny plate of food could figuratively (and sometimes literally) cost as much as gold, why not go on a food crawl? Big Boy’s Diner can be a one of your stops. Its owners Gerremy Dionisio and Trizen Sales, who also happen to be a couple, said pushing the 1950s diner theme was primarily “to bring back the old way of falling in love with each other. The place is filled with vintage memorabilia and neon lights that can make you feel like you’re Betty and Jughead of the popular series, Riverdale. The newly-opened D’Doux Café‘s  drinks and pastry can also please any couple’s taste buds and Instagram feed. Try out their Valentine’s Day-themed drink Strawberry Peanut Frappe.

3. Take an out-of-town trip

Taking a trip down history’s lane may not sound fun at first, but the Heritage Town of Taal will change your mind with its rich history. Dubbed as the “Vigan of the South,” the town boasts a community of homes that have stood the test of time. Pio Goco and his team from the Goco Ancestral House Walking Tours can take care of everything for you, from taking you to an authentic Batangas lunch (yes, there’s tapa!) to telling stories of the town’s enduring Filipino-Hispanic charm to complement the tour. Just make sure to wear your most comfortable pair of shoes. There’s nothing romantic about aching feet. For inquiry and booking details, visit Goco Ancestral House on Facebook

4. Visit a museum

If you and your bae are looking for a more relaxing Valentine’s Day date, museums are for you. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they’re also easy on the budget. The National Museum, for instance, admits visitors, Filipino or foreign, for free. You also get to take a look at the country’s important cultural properties, rights, and reservations. #goals, we know. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, might as well visit Pinto Art Museum right at the heart of Antipolo City. This artsy sanctuary will take you to a quick revisit of culture and nature. For ticket prices and schedules, click here. The best part: you get inspired twice over. You can take tons of photos for keepsake, too.

5. Go hiking

Not all who wander are lost ✌🏼️

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If you’re in for some dirt-kicking and heart-pumping adventure, you can go on a hike on Valentine’s Day. Mt. Balagbag in Rodriguez, Rizal is a recommended hike spot, especially if it’s your first time. The trails are easy and the view, breathtaking. Not only is this a great way to get your body moving, the memory of overcoming a hike together can strengthen your bond as a couple. Just remember to pay attention to your guide. We definitely want to be responsible hikers and good stewards of nature, especially on Valentine’s Day.


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