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Thanks to The Official Pokemon Channel, we now know that Ansel Elgort – the guy who played Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars and Caleb in The Divergent Series – is a Pokémon trainer (or at least that’s what he wants to be)!

In line with the 20th anniversary celebration of the popular pocket monster franchise, the official site of Pokemon20 released a video of the 21-year-old actor recounting his Pokémon journey. This is also to invite fellow fans and wannabe trainers to share their stories on growing up with Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

We can already imagine Ansel as a trainer. Take a look at this:

(Photo edited by Evert Tagle)

Just like any 20-ish Pokémon addict, Ansel bonded with his brother over Pokémon Red and Blue through Gameboy! They even linked their games.

Remember your first Pokémon battle with your friends? This game just hits you right in the childhood feels.

If you want to be the very best like no one ever was, and to catch them is your real test, to train them is your cause  (admit it, you have sung the Pokemon theme song in your head),  Pokemon GO will be released soon. The Pokémon Company made the announcement on September 2015 and released the trailer for the said mobile game.

This will come with a wearable mini pokéball developed by Nintendo called “Pokémon Go Plus,” a wearable device connected to the smartphone which enables users to play it in public as well as with friends.

In case you missed it, here’s the Pokémon Go teaser:

Imagine a Mewtwo popping out of the University Belt, the historic streets of Manila, or the central business districts. I wonder how many students and yuppies will be flocking out to catch this rare Pokémon? Will city gymnasiums be invaded by a Gym Leader soon? Think about League Competitions. Sounds fun, right?

See you in the arena!

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