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While most agree that being single equates to living the “fun and free” life, there will be days when you would rather have someone else to share these moments with. These moments may be fleeting, but they are moments nonetheless:

Getting lost in an unfamiliar place.
Midnight fastfood drive-thrus.
Guessing the next plot twist of an awesome TV series.
Waking up to a “good morning!” Viber message.
Having someone to brush your hair after a long tiring day…

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy being single. In fact, I can do whatever I want with my time because I am my only responsibility. It’s just that sometimes, I feel like I’m so good at loving myself, I’ve already forgotten what it’s like to love someone else.

Being single for so long made me realize a couple of things:


  1.  Sometimes love does not excite you anymore. I mean, most of the time, you’re like, “Oh wow, you like me? That’s cute.” And when heartbreak comes, you’re usually like, “Woah, again? Ok.”

  2.  You unconsciously raise your standards. You remember everyone that broke your heart as a mistake – not as a lesson learned.

  3.  You find it hard to believe that someone genuinely likes you.

  4. It takes someone extraordinary to ignite your desire to love again. Petrified for so long, it takes your entire energy to respond to a guy who says, “hey, you look beautiful today.”

  5. You’re always looking for something extra. You always feel like something is not enough.

  6. There are days when you doubt your confidence, and you think that you’re not someone that people could actually adore. You then start to question yourself, “Ang panget ko na ba?

  7. Work, school, friends, family and sleep consume 100% of your time. There’s no space for romantic love anymore.

  8. You’ve waited so long that you got stuck waiting.

  9. You learned to love yourself better. You’ve learned that this is the kind of love that doesn’t seek for opinion or approval, so you don’t need someone else to love you to feel loved.

  10. Maybe deep down inside, you still believe that real love is truly worth waiting for.


Hang in there, babe. God has an awesome plan for you. ☺

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