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Disney has dropped the official trailer for the highly anticipated sequel of hit movie “Maleficent,” Monday, July 8, introducing new characters in an exciting revealed plot.

In “Mistress of Evil,” Angelina Jolie reprises her role as Maleficent with Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora. Maleficent will be a wedding mother as Aurora and Prince Philip (Harris Dickinson) are set to finally tie the knot. 

It then introduces Michelle Pfeiffer as Queen Ingrith, and later on in the video a character that will pull strings for another war between humans and fairies. According to Disney, this Great War will pull apart Aurora and Maleficent into opposing sides “causing them to question whether they can be truly family.” 

Michelle Pfeiffer as Queen Ingrith.

But aside from this, the best thing about this new trailer is it reveals that Maleficent is not the only one who has horns! It shows Chiwetel Ejiofor saying “You spent years caring for a human. Now it’s time to care for your own.” 

This revelation may lead us to the family background of Maleficent and how she ended up in the Moors with the magical creatures residing there. 

“Mistress of Evil” introduces Chiwetel Ejiofor as male fairy with horns.

“Mistress of Evil” is slated to hit theaters on October 18. This also marks Disney’s fourth live-action rendition of classic animated films this year after “Dumbo,” “Aladdin,” and “Lion King.” 


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