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With Avengers: Endgame breaking records here and there at the box office and Spider-Man: Far From Home becoming a big hit in theaters, Captain Marvel seems a long time ago even though it came out earlier this year.

While Brie Larson made such an impact as the the titular character alongside Samuel L. Jackson as a de-aged Nicky Fury, fans can agree that the real hero was neither of the two but one ferocious feline – Goose the Cat.

As those who’ve seen Captain Marvel already (SPOILERS!), Goose is not really a cat but an alien species known as a Flerken (which was why Goose was able to “eat” the Tesseract”).

Because Goose was so popular among fans, Marvel released a short video of Goose’s actor Reggie the Cat answering some of his most-asked questions:

Some of the question include which Marvel hero would Goose team up with, and it comes as no surprise it would be fellow creature Rocket Raccoon or the easily-angered Hulk. The cat even said Goose wouldn’t mind working with Nick Fury again.

Speaking of which, Reggie’s favorite part in Captain Marvel isn’t when he scratched Nick Fury’s eye out but when Goose swallowed the Tesseract. He even thinks Goose could beat Thanos if he had the Infinity Gauntlet!

Do you have any questions for Goose the Cat (or Flerken)?


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