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As we all know, June is the month we celebrate Pride. It’s a full month of marches, events, and resounding calls against discrimination and violence on the LGBTQIA+ community through movements and festivities done across the globe.

This is usually the best start for anyone who wishes to be outward with their support, as it is fairly open to cisgender people who would want to take part in the protests and celebrations. Participating does require some self-education, however, to measure up as a good ally without overstepping your bounds. Here are some of the ways you can be an advocate through and after June:

During Pride Month

  • Do your research

Pride didn’t just come out of nowhere, it’s rooted from the Stonewall riots of New York. It is a commemoration of the marches done against police raids that criminalized the queer patrons of the Stonewall Inn, and is continuously done to progress equality and provide safe spaces for queer people.

The first thing you can do is to familiarize yourself on the cultural origins and the true meaning of Pride. That way, you are attending protests as someone who really embraces the cause for what it stands for and not how it looks like.

  • Be mindful of the space you’re taking

Pride isn’t intended for you. As much as you want to help, it’s best to stand on the sidelines and give proper highlight to those who identify as part of the community. The worst thing you can do is see Pride revelries as backdrops for your personal events or view them as mere displays. It’s an incredibly important matter that requires your utmost respect.

  • Go in assumption-free

Keep an open mind. Pride rallies are free spaces, so being present judgment-free benefits just about everyone. If they’re willing, engage with other participants about things you may have questions about or just simply let people be themselves.

All Year ‘Round

  • Acknowledge your privileges

Straight allies should recognize the allowances they have that the LGBTQIA+ do not enjoy. Understand that members of the queer community are more likely to experience harassment, violence, and discrimination more than you do, so use your leverage to push for positive change.

  • Be vocal with your help

Being an ally means showing up every day of the year, not just Pride Month. The fight isn’t over after June, so be a visible advocate especially during critical social issues. Be present all year, educate other people, and fight online hate if you can.

  • Support the community whenever you can

Rainbow capitalism is real, just look at your feed today. Every other corporation is painting your socials rainbow and it’s doing more harm than good. Some may be doing it for the right reasons, but you can always invest your cash in independent businesses by members of the LGBTQIA+. Look for goods, food, and vendors you can help with your purchases. Get some merchandise, booze, or even the simplest things to turn capitalism against itself.

If you’re worried about doing anything out of line, chances are you’re going to be well and fine. Just show that you’re willing to listen, learn, and hustle with the community — regardless of the season. Happy Pride!

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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