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As the world gets ready for “Stranger Things” Season 3 that will premier on July 4, Netflix tapped 18 artists from around the world to interpret 18 different show episodes from show’s Seasons 1 and Season 2. 

For the Philippines, Cebu-based Filipino artist Ken Hensly was the chosen one and he created a poster interpreting Season 1, “Chapter Eight: The Upside Down” episode in his own unique style.

Hensly is a graphic illustrator who takes inspiration from old comics, cartoons, animation, and street design. With his keen sense of detail, he creates augmented surrealistic art marked by deep thoughts and curiosities. This passionate artist is a well-known apparel designer. He has his own streetwear company called Kensuke Creations. He also designs album covers and merchandise for international bands.

“I’m a HUGE fan of the Stranger Things series. So much that during my spare time, I’d do personal artworks of episodes that really resonated with me and uploaded them on my portfolio site,” Hensly shared. 

The artist also said that he was happy and honored to be one of the chosen artists that will interpret for the show. “So when I first got the invitation to do an ACTUAL poster for them, I accepted it in a heartbeat.”

“My signature style is surrealistic in nature which I think is very fitting to portray the paranormal, the bizarre and nostalgic familiar, the gritty and otherworldly dimension, and to convey the darkness and emotions each character had been struggling with. Coming from a small city down south of the Philippines, Cebu, it’s an honor to have been one of the people chosen to express my fandom and showcase my craft,” Hensly ended. 

Check some of Hensly’s work on @kensuke.creations .


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