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“I will never quit. I will never stop. I will never withdraw.”

Remember those words, breathe them in and make them your way of life because the one who said that could be the next president to lead this country. We all know her for her incomparable guts to stand up to everyone, her undying passion to protect and serve those who are oppressed and her amazing “hugot” and “banat” lines.

The Iron Lady of Asia, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, gave MB Life a once-in-a-lifetime interview. Don’t worry, it’s not that serious! As a matter of fact, it shows the humorous side of the senator. ( Just look at how contagious her smile is.)


In a brief interview with Senator Miriam, we had the opportunity to ask the senator some light and ‘almost apolitical’ questions. It’s hard to ask a smart person, especially if that smart person is the senator herself who would probably nail every question to the ground. (SHE IS THE SENATOR MIRIAM DEFENSOR-SANTIAGO; OF COURSE SHE HAS THE ANSWERS!)

When asked what super power she would like in real life to solve the problem in the government, Senator Miriam answered with all confidence saying that she wants “the power to zap people to death.”

“Kapag tinuro kong ganyan, patay.” She added.

To be honest that is all you need to fix the problem within the government, either you stop or you get zapped. Of course, we all know that she’s just joking around, making light of the already entertaining interview. She doesn’t need any super power because her knowledge and bravery are more than enough.

The second question read, “When it comes to life and love, would you take the risky choice or play safe?” Everyone would love to know how the Iron Lady lives her life, would she rather be sitting on a bench watching from afar or stand up and live on the edge.

“I always like to go out on a limb. I will take a choice,” said the senator.

It was brief and direct but it was all we ever needed. Listen to what this legend has to say, if she tells you to take the risk, you better take the risk. (We’re just kidding!) You get to decide how you want to live your life, but is there any fun when you’re always in your comfort zone?

We got on our third question about a fan favorite and instant fandom for the whole nation, we asked her about the “DuRiam” tandem to which she replied with a very playful answer.

“Is it Duterte-Miriam or Miriam-Duterte?”

The senator joked about the order of the names because we all know that she is second to none. Afterwards, she explained how the tandem came to be, telling people that they have similar characteristics in certain aspects. These similarities of theirs made them compatible and comfortable with one another.


Will there be a third book to the “Stupid is forever” franchise?

The senator said that she will try. The past few months were filled with tight schedules and numerous medical sessions for the senator, surely we all can wait for that third book.

It may be a short interview but we sure got enough from the amazing Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

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