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Did you know that plantable pencils exists? An eco-shop called Eco Hub Cebu sells pencils that can become a symbol of sustainability.

Eco Hub Cebu’s plantable pencil is a regular HB pencil except that instead of a small eraser enclosed in a metal case, it has a gelatin capsule containing the seed of different plants. According to the eco-shop, instead of throwing away used pencils, their idea is to plant the pencil stub “when it is too short to write or color with.”

These pencils are 100% natural and non toxic. It’s made of wood, graphite, clay, and non-GMO seeds. They’re currently selling different variants of the plantable pencils. You can buy mint, chili, citronella, basil, and more.

If you’re curious about how you can plant these plantable pencils, just use a pot with a drainage hole in the bottom and fill with moist potting soil. Plant the pencil at a 30-degree angle, with seed capsule only covered in soil. Place it in natural light or at an ideal temperature of 20 degree celsius. The first shoots will appear within one to four weeks.

The plantable pencil is available at an introductory price of P20. You can buy it here or send them a message on Facebook.


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