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The graduating class of the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila, section A405 in cooperation with College of Arts and Sciences present the Tanyag—A Sight of Redefined Culture Multimedia Exhibit to be held at Patio De Manila on May 15 to 17, from 11am to 9pm.

Tanyag is a Filipino inspired culminating activity of LPU Multimedia Arts senior students to fulfil its requirements under the program of subject MMAL44A: MMA DESIGN AND PRODUCTION AND PORTFOLIO EXHIBIT.

Tanyag focuses on Modern Filipino inspired artworks showcased through the various field of art installation, sculpture, short film, graphic art, photography, painting, mixed media, 3D modelling, and more.

The Tanyag exhibitors are young student artists who desire to present Filipino Culture through modern artworks. Their creativity aims to unleash the great and complex history of Filipino Cultures and Traditions in this 21st century wherein advancement, commercialisation and technology prevails.

TANYAG exhibitors

Significantly, Tanyag desire to give a sight of redefined culture and beliefs reflecting in everyday way of life of Filipinos. Artworks of Tanyag dare to speak the alternative modernities that refers to various ways of dealing with the lure of the redefined yet preserved Filipino culture.

The 3 day exhibit have confirmed prominent artists to participate in the event namely, the award-winning Pinoy Indie film director: Siegfried Sanchez; the great-grandson of Juan Luna: Abe Orobia; the graphic designer, art explorer, illustrator: Xef Sarita; the writer of Unspoken Rules Season 4 & Hanggang Dito Na Lang series: Martin Naling; and the photographer x layout artist: RJ Wolfgang.

Guests will also be entertained by performances including the rock band: Typecast; Bita & the Botflies, to perform on the third night. Booths and raffle games with exciting prizes are something that guest may also look forward.

Furthermore, this event is also for a cause specially dedicated to raise a fund for the people of the Dumagat Tribe in Aurora province. For ticket reservations and pre-orders of Tanyag merchandise, visit:

The event organisers may be reached through


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