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Conservation organization Eco Explorations is hosting a fundraiser movie screening to pool financial support for the continuous fight to save the critically-endangered Philippine Eagle.

The fundraiser screening features Bird of Prey, a film about the “rarest eagle on earth.”

The screening will feature the award-winning, Neil Rettig film called Bird of Prey, which revolves around a family of Philippine Eagle and how they survive in “today’s landscape and the several factors that pushed the species to the brink of extinction.”

“Ultimately, the film aims to inspire and mobilize people from all walks of life to do more for the Philippine Eagle, its habitat, and the people who share its forest home,” says Eco Exploration in a statement.

Proceeds of the screening will go to the Philippine Eagle Foundation and will support its Protecting Forests campaign, as well as the Forest Guards who protect the home of the Philippine Eagles.

A pair of Philippine Eagles in the wild

A giant bird of prey only seen in the forests of the Philippines, estimates show that the population of Philippine Eagle in the wild is down to just around 400 pairs.

According to Eco Exploration, the Philippine Eagle is ecologically significant to the Philippines. Not only does it help maintain balance in the country’s ecosystem, it also serves as an indicator or barometer of the environment’s health. It is the national bird of the country, too, which also makes it culturally relevant.

Despite this, their species remains vulnerable to human activities like deforestation due to timber poaching and slash-and-burn farming, locally known as kaingin.

There will be two fundraiser screenings—one later today, May 27 and the other on May 28—both of which will be at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Tickets, priced at PhP350, are available via reservation. Interested viewers must fill out this Google form and the team will send an e-mail for the confirmation and payment process.

For more details, visit Eco Explorations’ event page on Facebook

Photos from Eco Exploration


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