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Milk tea. Bubble tea. Boba.

Whatever you want to call it, there’s no doubt that this drink is now a staple in the Philippines. Its Filipino fans are going nowhere, too, especially when it helps combat the country’s scorching hot weather. They’ll most likely continue to wait in line patiently for an hour or two just to get that refreshing fix.

For those who love milk tea on a stratospheric level, posting about it frequently online or even wearing them via a statement shirt could be a norm.

Well, here’s another item to add to your stash of milk tea merch—Froot PH’s milk tea earrings.

An homage to the beloved beverage, the adorable dangle earrings is exactly like you would imagine it. It features a miniature cup of milk tea with pearls and a straw to finish it off.

A screenshot of Froot PH’s milk tea earrings

“Milk tea earrings, anyone?” the Angeles City-based online shop writes in an Instagram post.

The design is part of Froot PH’s latest collection. The earrings, along with other new designs, will be released on May 26 via their Instagram page and BeautyMNL. If you are planning to purchase through their Instagram Direct Message, however, take note that their account is private. The shop approves follow requests from interested customers.

This is not the first food-inspired accessory from the shop. In fact, most of its designs are based on fruits and vegetables like apricot, lemon, kiwi, pumpkin, among many others. They also have a pair of Coco-Cola earrings, with a mini-version of its iconic bottle and red cap.

Would you get milk tea earrings for you and your bubble tea-loving friends? We sure will.


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