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A week after its announcement, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has delayed the implementation of the P50 cancellation and no-show fees of Grab.

Photo fro REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco via MANILA BULLETIN

According to LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra III, they came up with the decision to cancel the imposition of cancellation fees following a dialogue with representatives of Grab and other transport network companies (TNCs) on Monday, May 6.

Sa ngayon pinag-aaralan pa. In fact, we called for a meeting last Monday, not only with Grab but with all the other accredited TNCs and we discussed about the cancellation fee,” Delgra said.

Meanwhile, Nicka Hosaka, Grab public affairs manager, said that the ride-hailing company and other TNCs agreed to keep the status quo while discussions are ongoing.

“Grab and the other TNCs agreed to maintain the status quo as requested by the Board, until appropriate guidelines are issued by the LTFRB with the assistance of the TWG,” Hosaka said in a statement.

Grab also clarified that no cancellation or no-show fees have been charged after the announcement.

“No fees have been charged since the implementation of the policy was set to start next week,” she said.

On April 28, Grab announced that cancellation and no-show fees will be charged to both drivers and passengers. The P50 penalty will apply to those who will cancel their rides after 5 minutes of getting assigned a driver or those who did not show up at pick-up points. They explained that the policy aims to curb unreasonable cancellations by both drivers and passengers.


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