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Local perfume brand Black Water is honoring all the hardworking Filipinos this Labor Day with a video campaign.

The film titled “Pasan,” directed by Dominic Lim, tells the story of Frank, a pizza delivery boy. Starting his day at dawn and ending it deep in the night is his normal routine daily.

Rain or shine, the 25-year-old worker goes places to deliver boxes of pizza to hungry customers.

For him, all the hard work is worth it, especially if it’s for his youngest sibling who, because of an illness, is not able to walk.

“Lahat po ng hirap balewala para po sa pangarap ko sa sarili ko at pamilya ko,” he says.

Frank’s story, like many others in the country, reflect the day-to-day struggle to make ends meet and to provide a better life for the family.

As a treat for him this Labor Day, the perfume brand, with help of his family, has organized a surprise for Frank while on a pretend delivery job: a simple gathering over food and a wheelchair for his sibling.

Watch the video here:

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Posted by Blackwater on Monday, April 29, 2019


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