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Aside from gowns, swimsuits, and accessories, the most important element of an overall pageant look is the makeup. A beauty pageant makeup should be fiercer than your usual everyday makeup. You need to take into consideration the strong lights during photoshoots that can wash out complexions.

During the Binibining Pilipinas corporate visit at the Ever Bilena head office, we got the chance to witness a makeup demo with Muriel Vega Perez, a celebrity makeup artist here in the Philippines. He teaches the 2019 contestants some techniques to achieve a perfect pageant look. If you’re interested in joining beauty pageants someday or you just want to learn something about pageant makeups, here are some of tips and tricks from Muriel:

1. Apply your foundation using the patting technique.

Ever wonder how the beauty queens achieve a flawless base? It’s because they’re doing different techniques in applying the foundation. Doing the patting technique will help you achieve a full coverage. It also allows the pigment to stay in place, assuring fuller coverage.

Muriel says: “Sa patting technique kasi, parang sinisiksik natin ang product sa skin all over. So mas full ang coverage niya. But if it’s a day event and ‘di naman kailangang heavy, you can do the gliding technique with powder.”

2. Use blotting paper or tissue paper before retouching. 

Here in the Philippines, most of us have oily skin. When you have oily skin, you can’t really avoid having an oily face hours after applying your makeup. If you decided to touch up in the middle of the day, make sure to remove all the oil before applying powder. Always bring a blotting paper or tissue with you.

Muriel says: “When you’re blotting using oil blotters or tissue, ‘wag niyo lang iga-glide. Pat lang and sundan yung shape ng face para hindi masira ang makeup before putting powder on top.”

3. To find your perfect foundation shade, you should always dab a bit on your jawline and neck.

Whether its liquid, stick, or powder, looking for the perfect shade of foundation is the top priority. Although we’re used to matching the foundation shade by doing the arm technique, Muriel suggests that it’s better to test it on your jawline for an initial match, then lock it in with a streak test to the neck.

Muriel says: ‘Yung arm technique kasi, it works. Pero it’s tricky especially if you’re acidic. So it’s better if you test your shade by applying sa jawline towards the neck.” 

4. Know the best eyebrow shape for your face.

Eyebrows are different from each other. That’s why it’s important to use a guide before applying products. The head of your brow should begin at the bridge of your nose and the arch should be about two thirds of the way out. At the very least, the tail should end on an imaginary line from the corner of the nose to the corner of your eye.

Muriel says: “The brow changes the aura of our face. The angle of your brows might not work for me, for her, or for anyone. That’s why we need to use a guide.” 

5. Put eyeshadow while your eyes are open. 

We’re all used to apply eyeshadow with or eyes closed. But did you know that it’s better to apply it with your eyes open? According to Muriel, applying with your eyes open instead of closed will allow the crease color to become more visible.

Muriel says: “The technique of putting eyeshadow when your eyes are close only works for when someone’s applying your makeup. If you’re doing it by yourself, mas maganda ang naka-open ang eyes.” 

6. Leave the middle part of your face bright. 

The center of your face should be bright whenever doing a full makeup. Bright shouldn’t mean it’s fully frosted with highlights. It makes your face vibrant and will bring a glow to your face.

Muriel says: “‘Wag muna mag-drunk blush if you’re doing pageant looks para mas maging vibrant and bright yung buong face. This rule applies kapag naka-full makeup.”

7. Use lip liners to achieve a long-lasting lip color.

Using lip liners will not only make your lips look instantly fuller and defined, it will also help you achieve a lip color that lasts all night. The waxy consistency of the liner can help hold the color of your lipstick much longer.

Muriel says: “Aside from shaping and redefining, using a lip liner will allow the lip color stay longer and ‘di siya kakalat when you apply.”


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