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If you’re a fan of the mint and chocolate combo, you’re in for a treat—literally.

Kitkat is adding mint creme and dark chocolate flavor to its long-standing lineup of chocolate wafers.

The Kitkat Duos Mint+Dark Chocolate is the brand’s newest permanent flavor.

Called the Kitkat Duos Mint+Dark Chocolate bar, the variant will be the first year-round Kitkat flavor in almost a decade. It is also part of their upcoming Duos series, featuring their signature crispy wafers coated in two flavors.

Kitkat lovers in the US can get first dibs on the new flavor when it’s officially launched in December. It will be available worldwide, too, though no word is out yet on the exact local release date.

Here’s to hoping that the flavor will be available here in the Philippines at the soonest time possible.


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