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The Holy Week is here. And with some days of the week having been declared as holidays, everyone will have time to reflect and contemplate on the spiritual aspect of their lives. 

For some, they usually go to quiet places for retreat but for reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray, spiritual contemplation is not about the place, but who “you are with.”

“I don’t really think it matters about the place, it’s who you’re with and your state of mind,” she told the members of the press during the Jollibee’s Joly Twirl event where she was introduced as the newest face of the brand. 

“So definitely, surrounding yourself with your family, or even escaping to nature, or any place that allows you to reflect and to connect in a quiet place with God or whatever your beliefs system is. It’s not the place it’s who you’re with,” she explained. 

Holy Week plans

When asked on how she is going to spend the Holy Week, the beauty queen admitted that her fully-packed schedule doesn’t permit her to go for a short break. 

“I’ll be going back in [New York] a couple of days. I won’t be in the Philippines for the Holy week, but I’m definitely looking forward to coming back here in June,” she shared. 

As the crowned Miss Universe, 25-year-old Gray is preoccupied with her responsibilities like attending different charity works and promoting the Miss Universe organization. 


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