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Reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray is one of the top picks to play the role of Darna after actress Liza Soberano left the role because of medical reasons. The question is, is the beauty queen open to the idea of giving life to the iconic role?

At the Jollibee event where she was introduced as the newest ambassador of Jolly Twirl, Gray finally answered the question. According to her, she’s willing to take the role, if given the chance. “I’m open to every opportunity that might come my way,” she told the members of the press.

The 25-year-old Miss Universe also shared that she wants to explore the art of acting. “Acting is a field that I have not yet had any experience in but I’m a very eager learner.”

It’s no secret that Gray is into singing as well. She also said that if she can, she will join the audition for Darna. “If the opportunity ever came to audition for a certain role, I would very much open to it,” she ended.


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