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For quite some time, the spicy noodle challenge featuring the Samyang’s nuclear fire noodles is all over Youtube. It’s worth the hype, though, as the spice can be too impossible to handle.

If you’re one of those who has consumed this instant noodle like it’s no daunting task, there’s good news for you.

Samyang has just released their notoriously spicy sauces in a bottle.

It comes in 200-gram packs and three flavors: the original hot and spicy (1X), extremely spicy (2X), and creamy carbonara.

The brand’s Instagram page suggests pouring or mixing any of the sauces in pasta, meat dishes, or even your Samyang instant noodles.

As of writing, there’s no information whether the sauces are available in the country. However, it is already up for purchase in South Korea, Singapore, and the US.

Would you cop any of the Samyang sauces for yourself?


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