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A seventeen-year-old student named Ciara Gan impressed the netizens as she sewed and hand-painted her own graduation ball gown.

On her Twitter account, the young artist shared the process of creating her own dress. This tweet garnered more than 370,000 likes and 81,000 retweets as of writing. 

Adding an extra touch, the STEM graduate student from Colegio San Agustin, Makati, painted floral designs on the skirt and embellished it with stones. 

“I painted over 80 flowers, sewed + stoned my dress with my mama and designed the whole thing myself!,” Gan wrote on her tweet. 

In an interview, Gan told MB Life that it was her mom that inspired her to make her own ball gown, thus, what she created is a reflection of her personality. “My inspiration came from my mom who pushed me to make the dress! We asked a seamstress to help us at the start of January then it didn’t turn out to what we wanted– that’s when we decided to do everything (from buying materials to sewing the skirt and painting it!),” she said.

“I really wanted my dress to reflect my personality, thus the lilies and bright colors. My dress tells a very personal story about the things I hold close to my heart– lilies, the color green, painting, and creating new things,” Gan explained.

But curating a personal gown is not easy. It took her several weeks to turn her imagination into reality. “The whole process took about a month to make (including painting and drafting). I knew I wanted to make a gown ever since the summer of last year. For the painting it took 5 days.”

Aside from designing gown, she can also “paint, make invites, stickers, vector art, and submits (publication materials).”

Gan is also open to do local commission works this summer break. 

However, despite her knack on visual arts, Gan told MB Life that she has no plan to take a collage course related to this field. “As of the moment, I don’t plan to pursue a course in artsc because I want to learn as much as I can in the sciences! I’m going to take a computer science related course in college,” she ended.

What a talented girl!


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