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Filipino independent folk band Ben&Ben just ticked off one frok their bucket list — to meet Grammy award-wining singer John Mayer in the flesh!

They shared a group photo with the American singer-songwriter Mayer on their Facebook account last April 9, Tuesday.

According to the post, Mayer gave them his guitar pick and in return, Ben&Ben gave him a copy of their debut album “LIWASA STREET.”

Mayer is the voice behind some of the chart-topping songs such as “Your Body is a Wonderland,” “Free Fallin’,” and “Gravity.” The group met Mayer during their show in The Wanch in Waicai.

“LIWASA STREET” album is not yet available in the market. It is set to be released next month based on the group’s announcement last April 6. 

Ben&Ben is the band behind “Maybe the Night,” the official soundtract of hit film “Exes Baggage” and “Susi” one of the soundtracks in “Goyo ang Batang General.”


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