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Summer is here, which means most of us are lining up getaway trips for the next few months.

We asked two of the SM Youth ambassadors, Tommy Esguerra and Richard Juan, about their must-have travel items to get you started with your own list of summer essentials.

Occassion outfit ready

For 24-year-old Esguerra, he admitted that he doesn’t believe in travelling light. As an influencer, he always brings different outfits whenever he travels. This way, he can make sure he has the right clothes for any type of occasion, just in case something unexpected comes along the way. 

“I’m sure it’s not for everyone, [but] I like to overpack,” he revealed to the members of the press during the SM Youth 5th anniversary celebration recently held in SM Mall of Asia. 

“I like to be more than prepared, because I hate it when I’m at the beach or on location somewhere and I want to wear some outfit and I don’t have it. That’s something so frustrating to me,” the “Three Words to Forever” actor explained. 

“I’d rather have everything with me. So I always have a really big luggage bag when I travel.”

The 26-year-old Juan chimed in. “I am exactly the same. If it’s two night trip, I probably bring like at least 10 outfits just in case this one doesn’t work for this event or this one doesn’t really work for whatever else is wearing. It’s always good to be prepared.”

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I’m sure not a lot of you know this, but in September 2012, I actually shot with SM Youth when I was still studying in UP. This was when SM Youth was not even officially “born” yet, and when I was not even anywhere close to doing anything in the entertainment industry yet. Who would’ve known that less than two years later, I’d be shooting a summer campaign with them. Who would’ve known that a year later, “them” would officially become friends and family. I am very blessed to have SM Youth part of my journey (and vice versa) and I know we will all continue to grow and reach new heights! #SMYOUTHBirthday (Swipe to the end to see a photo of my very first shoot with SM Youth!)

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Always connected online

As social media influencers, staying connected with the world is vital for them. So it is no surprise that they can’t travel without their gadgets with them. 

“Chargers, number one. I can go on a trip with only a few pairs of clothes, but without a charger, no! I need to be connected. All of our work is through our phone, so without it, you’re just disconnected to the world,” Esguerra said.

“That’s right. I can never leave without my laptop because I need to reply to emails. I got to work with it,” the former “PBB” housemate Juan said. “I got to edit photos, I got to edit videos. There’s a bunch of things I do with my laptop, so I always bring it everywhere.”

The two ambassadors, who are also close friends in real life, are planning to go on a beach vacation this coming Holy week break.


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